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Content Management System

Content Management System (CMS)

If you find yourself constantly needing to update your website, a content management system can help you manage your website in an efficient manner. A content management system, also known as a CMS, allows your company to freely update your website with little to no HTML knowledge required. Great for the average user, you can assign different administrative access levels, so several employees of your business can be dedicated to updating your website. A CMS allows your team to quickly and easily update website content, feeding your consumers the most up-to-date information they desire.

Internet Inspirations® is known for responsive, fully customizable websites that are administrative and user-friendly. We build content management systems that can help you keep your website maintenance in-house, tailored to meet your business needs.

Manage Your Very Own Website.

Once your content management system is in place, you have the ability to update your website on your own terms. Updates can include adding or removing pages, editing content and implementing graphic changes. Access your website anywhere with easy page management. A web CMS is extensible and scalable, able to adopt to ecommerce systems and capable of archival capabilities. We work with custom content management systems using Microsoft.net technologies, and for budget purposes, can also design and launch sites through WordPress, Drupal and more, eliminating the need for FTP and allowing for easily updated website capabilities by the average user.

No HTML Knowledge Required.

Content management systems are ideal for the average web administrator. Once your content management system is designed, you are set to edit your website, keeping users informed with the most current information. Your CMS allows for design flexibility and increases workplace workflow with an easy-to-use backend administrative interface.

Publish, Edit And Modify Your Content As Often As You'd Like.

Keep users informed with the most up-to-date information by updating your website when and where needed. Content management systems allow for real-time modifications without the hassle of contacting a web developer. Editing capabilities can be assigned at different account access levels, limiting access to some users, while granting full administrative access to others. A CMS also grants your business full ability to change content, graphics, navigation and pages on demand.

Why Should You Use A Website Content Management System?

Content management systems are not only easy and efficient, they can help your organization implement a cohesive and flexible web strategy. Benefits of a content management system include:

  • Great for novice users
  • Simple content editing
  • Real-time content modifications
  • Multiple editor logins to a single, easy-to-use platform
  • Database driven
  • Eliminates the need of contacting a web developer
  • Archive capabilities
  • Easy page management

Today's Users Expect More.

In the past, companies could get by with as little information as possible on their mobile website. Now, visitors anticipate your mobile website to have all the key features and content your desktop site contains. Viewers want the full experience of a desktop site on their mobile device, eliminating the need to switch to a desktop computer. This includes a user-friendly navigation, functional forms and buttons, engaging and informative content and a display that fits and resizes to each individual device.

Internet Inspirations® Keeps You In Control.

If your business is in favor of a content management system, we can help you create a suitable CMS for your business goals and desires.

Contact Internet Inspirations® today to find out more about how we can intelligently design and develop an outstanding custom website for your business.